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GROWMORE BIO-TECH LTD. is a company in existance for the past 10 years. The company excelled in proving high quality plants to farmers, industries and Government departments in India and exported to several countries, such as Japan, Australia, South Africa, Hawaii, Miami, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, etc..

The Company maintains stringent quality standards and coupled with the latest research findings in the technology can lay claims to superior cloned plants with lowest level of rejection.

Dr.N.Barathi is currently a member on the sub-committee for hi-tech horticulture formed by the National Planning Commission. He is also on the expert committee formed by National Development Corporation (NCDC), to introduce tissue culture technology in sugarcane. This committee is headed by Commissioner of Agriculture (Govt. of India). Presently Dr.Barathi is Member in State Bamboo Development Agency, Gujarat and "Member" in the Bamboo Technical Support Group (BTSG) under the State Steering Committee of Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.

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Dr. N. Barathi

gro_fnt.jpg (18225 bytes)The laboratory at Growmore has an annual capacity to produce over 10 million tissue cultured plants depending on the plant species under production.The growing room at Growmore has Infrastructure to grow 2-3 Million plants at any given time.

The lab has been accredited by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) for exporting tissue culture plants free of media from India.

The company has over 160 trained technicians on its regular rolls who have worked in achieving over 50,000 tissue cultured plants every month individually.

The company has adequate stand-by provision for machinery and electricity.

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#41-B, SIPCOT Phase-II, Hosur - 635 109.
Tamilnadu State, India.
Phone : +91 04344 260564, 260565. Fax : +91 04344 260560.
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