Bamboo Species

Beema Bamboo - Bambusa balcooa

BEEMA BAMBOO, a clone developed from Bambusa Balcooa and Tissue Culture Plants supply

Unlike most bamboos, our tissue cultured Bambusa balcooa culms grow nearly solid - without genetic engineering.

It is a tropical variety, preferring a humid environment. Yet it is able to adapt to various soil and climate conditions. Only moderate biological fertilization is required. After every harvest cycle, it regrows and does not require replanting for decades.

Its certified high energy value (4,000 kcal/kg) and low ash content make it an outstanding biomass feedstock for energy generation.

Our Bambusa balcooa maintains a fast growth rate, giving the opportunity to constantly yield high and predictable harvest.

Nevertheless, it does not grow uncontrolled. It is a non-invasiveclumping variety, new culms only grow around the mother shoot. Bambusa balccooa does not affect the natural environment of the plantation as it does not spread autonomously.

It's rhizome and root development provides a strong foundation, making the plant robust against natural forces. Increased resistance against pests due to high internal hardness supports predictable and constant harvest yields.


  • Botanical name: Bambusa balcooa Roxb.
  • Origin: Northern India, Bangladesh
  • Climate: Tropical to sub-tropical
  • Type: Clumping bamboo, non-invasive
  • Propagation method: Tissue culture (Micro-propagation)
  • Altitude: up to 600m above sea level
  • Max. dimensions: Culm length: 12-20 m
    Culm diameter: 8-15 cm
    Internode length: 20-40 cm
  • Preferred soil: Grows in a wide range of soil types, preferred are heavy-textured soils with good drainage.


Highly recommended

  • Energy generation, pellets and charcoal
  • Construction materials
  • Scaffolding
  • Flooring


  • Erosion prevention and river fortification
  • Paper and pulp
  • Textiles
  • Furniture

Not recommended

  • Natural barriers
  • Ornamental applications

Moso Bamboo - Phyllostachys pubescens

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Other Species

Further species

We at Growmore are currently evaluating new bamboo species on suitabillity for commercial applications. For certain projects and topography and climate conditions, we are already able to supply other species.

More possibilities

Our team invests a lot of time in studying botanical, chemical and mechanical characteristics as well as potentials and limits of other species, particularly from the genera Bambusa, Phyllostachys, Guadua, Dendrocalamus and Gigantochloa.

Come back here soon and let us introduce you to further high-performance, versatile bamboo species.