Beema bamboo can be grown in all places, wherever grass can grow.

The yield if the bamboo depends an agroclimatic condition, type of soil, quality of water, quantity of water and intensity of agriculture management. The average yield of beema bamboo in a well cultivated filed could be 40 tons per acre every year. If the agriculture management is poor the yield can grow down as low as 10 times per acre per year, but at the same time well managed plantation can yield 60 tons per acre per year. For more information about yield please write to us for a questionnaire regarding the climate and other details.

Beema bamboo is sterile doesn’t produce seed and die. Hence, there is no need to replant for beema bamboo.

The cost of cultivation of beema bamboo varies based in your soil, water availability, present condition of your land, labour cost, cost of manure, cost of fertilizer, cost of hiring agriculture equipment, cost of power for pumping water and rainfall pattern etc. Please contact us for a questionnaire provide your above information with which we can able to calculate and guide you. However, under Indian condition the cost could be approximately Rs.1Lakh for acre for 1 year, Rs.30,000 for the second year, for Rs.40,000 for all subsequent years. These will vary based on many factors including existing available resources.

Bamboo is brought by local traders for constructions in smaller quantities. Bamboo furniture industry also buy in smaller quantity. Industries such as strip board manufacturing bamboo lumber also buy bamboo and reasonably good quantity. Large quantity of bamboo is consumed as biomass feed stock for power generation, for co-generation and sugar factory during off season, for the product of Bio-CNG, Bio Ethanol and charcoal making. Please inform us also, we shall identify nearby industry who procures bamboo in large quantity.

Generally, there is no pest affecting the plant. Even if it their bamboo can tolerate and coexist. In rare cases, we are absorbing mealy bug, potent pest affecting bamboo. Please contact us with pictures for identify the pest and control measures if needed we will recommend.

Bamboo is restricted to several fungus and bacteria. However, they are few diseases which are not economically affecting the bamboo cultivation.

Bamboo can be harvested as early as 2.5 years if bamboo is planted under high density plantation (1,000 bamboo plants / acre), under medium density plantation (500 – 600 bamboo plants / acre) bamboo is harvestable in 3.5 years. Bamboo under low density plantation (200 bamboo plants / acre) it ready for harvest in 5 years. In all the cases the subsequent harvest is every year.

No, neither beema bamboo nor other bamboo species developed and propagated by Growmore Biotech Ltd is not Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), or GMO plant.

It is not difficult to import into any country but there is procedure to import the plant.
Following are requirement to import the plant.

  1. Plant import permit from the importing country.
  2. A good clearing agent at the airport who is experienced in handling perusable shipment like plants. As per our country requirement the tissue culture bamboo plants are treated and get certified by phytosanitary authority of Government of India along Phytosanitary certificate. Some of the country many require Country of Origin which also will be provided by us as per need.

We are experienced in exporting Tissue Culture plants to over 50 countries world wide and for the past 22 years. Hence, it is early for us to send the plants and it is easy for to import the plants. We will advice suitably on the post handling plants.

Yes, our plants are tested for virus bamboo mosaic virus. The testing is done by government approved lab for every batch of plants.

Yes, our bamboo species are tested for Genetic fidelity by laboratory authorized by DBT (Department of Biotechnology), GOI (Government of India) for each batch of 10,000 plants as one lot.

Yes, our facility is accredited by DBT (Department of Biotechnology), GOI (Government of India) under NCSTCP for the past 10 years and even currently. These ensures that the plants are produced as per the stipulate norms following good manufacturing practice, a copy of that which is available as NCSTCP in our website.

Yes, we do provide consultancy services for the cultivation of bamboo adopting precision farming method, suitably modified as per the local conditions and maximize the bamboo yield. Onsite consultancy is provided for projects above 100 acres at an additional cost, onsite visit is undertaken on a monthly basis. We do provide filed consultancy for above 25 acres by writing twice in a year, once at a time of planting and after 6 months. The consultation charges will be additional. However, we provide free consultancy over mail and phone for all over clients.

Right now, we don’t have buyback arrangement for bamboo. However, we are consulting buyback of bamboo based on enquires reaching to us.

The plants are grown as free pest and diseases and free of soil which cocopeat as growing media. The plants are packed in the thermocal box which are transferred worthy, insulated sufficiency, enough to take care of mechanical damage during transport.

1,000 bamboo plants for the domestic market and 10,000 plants to the export.

We delivery the plant within 4 weeks, probably the plants are readily available except for species left in demand.