Energy Plantation

Bamboo being fast growing plant, easy to harvest when compared to many other trees with short harvesting rotation and with relatively higher energy of 4000 kcal/kg and low ash content of 1% having digestible cellulose of 65% it is promoted as energy crop the abilities of bamboo to grow fast under high intensity of light and its adaptability to higher agricultural input resulting in 100 tons of bamboo per hectare per year.

Bamboo is considered as one of the best energy plantation crops. Its ability to regenerate fast from existing rhizome. Apart from being perennial, bamboo is a commercially viable. Biomass feedstock generating crop it is environmentally sustainable. Generates rural employment, mitigate the climate change which provides biomass at an economically alternative cost to the industry. Bamboo based energy plantation is come up in various parts of the world, Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Botswana, Ghana, Mauritius apart from India.