1) We develop superior clones of bamboo from different species.


2) We multiply bamboo by Tissue Culture and supply quality planting material.

The Tissue Culture Laboratory is established in an area of 1 acre and the Greenhouse is established in 12 acres. The TC lab has 45 Laminar Air Flow Benches and Sub-Cultures 100,000 plants every day in 1 shift, 4 growing rooms with a total capacity to hold over 1.6 million cultures at any time and supply 10 million plants every year.

At Growmore plant tissue culture technology is available for more than 85 different plant species. Over 180 personnel are working for the company who have been well trained in biotechnology. The lab has its own stand-by power for emergency. The technology of propagation is developed in-House for all plant species. Growmore Biotech is promoted by well-known Agri-Biotechnologist who has experience over 37 years in plant tissue culture, have been established 7 tissue culture laboratories in India.


3) We provide technical support for the establishment of bamboo plantation and energy plantation.