Team Growmore

Dr. N Barathi, an Agricultural Scientist is a Pioneer in plant tissue culture with over 37 years of experience in Agriculture and Propagation of plants by Tissue Culture. He has been working in Tissue Culturing of Bamboo for past 18 years and developed in-house micro-propagation technology for several species of plants including one dozen species in bamboo. Under his leadership at Growmore, the company has developed best agricultural practises for bamboo cultivation and domesticated the wild bamboo into cultivable species for high yield. This has resulted in high returns in the farming and at the same time, bamboo improved the environmentand servers as raw material for many industries.

The team consists of Agronomist Mr. Panneer Selvam with 40 years of experience in farming, ably assisted by Agronomists Mr. Gunasekaran, Mr. Ganesan and Mr. Boda Manjunath. Our laboratory is managed by well experienced managers Mrs. Saraswathi and Mr. Mahadevappaand supported by 40 technical staffs. Our company is administrated by Mrs. Parvathi having 37 years of experience and manages the export of plants to various countries and Mr. Srinivasan Nambi is undertaking the maintenance of Equipment and Lab Instruments.

There are over 100 employees working in our Greenhouse headed by Mr. Sebastian having 35 years of experience in this field.